What is Oakfusion Talents Forge?

What is Oakfusion Talents Forge?

The idea behind Talents Forge was to provide young programmers with a starting point, from which they can progress to the professional IT world, and at the same time experience an interesting adventure. However, this is not an average programming course, because it faithfully reproduces the realities of a typical IT project. Talents Forge is addressed to both students and graduates of programming studies.

When a young person is just starting his programming adventure and applying for an internship in an IT company, he often hears that he lacks experience. When applying for a programmer position – he also learns that he lacks skills. However, he is not able to get them, because no company is willing to hire him and train him properly.

Oakfusion Talents Forge is our answer to this problem. For several years, our course has met with the unflagging enthusiasm of young students of software design art.

How long does our programming course take?

The quick answer is 6 months. We estimate that it takes about half a year to prepare the programmer for independent operation in the IT world. Some are ready sooner, some later.

What does the recruitment process look like?

The recruitment interview is a loose exchange of views regarding the candidate’s experience. During it, we want to check technical skills and also soft skills.

How many people does the team consist of?

We work in teams of no more than 6 people under the leadership of an architect and product owner – Forge mentor. Practice shows that this is the best number to maintain the right pace of work and proper communication.

Product owners and architects are responsible for increasing the productivity of programmers by sharing knowledge, best practices, and experience as well as project control.

What does Talents Forge offer?

By participating in Oakfusion Talents Forge, you gain free knowledge, real experience, improve your programming skills, develop soft skills, and become a team player fully understanding the language of the IT world. You support us in the development of new web projects. We use the Scrum methodology, and each project includes a full technology package (Java Web, frontend applications, the basics of DevOps).

What awaits programmers who have completed our course?

From the employer’s perspective, graduates of the Talents Forge have an invaluable first position in their CV – work on a real project. Some people immediately after completing the course join the Oakfusion ranks. A large group finds work in other companies and project teams.

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Michał Kapłon

Software Architect / Co-owner