Designing a Dedicated Web Solution for Real Estate Agencies – A Case Study


67% of CEOs across the globe say acting with agility is “the new currency of business; if we’re too slow, we will be bankrupt.” according to KPMG. [SOURCE]

Markets worldwide are evolving and transforming to meet the needs of a new global reality that has begun to rely significantly on digital technologies for business, commerce, and economic development.

Industries now realize the benefits that can be reaped by leveraging digital technologies and software solutions designed to minimize workload, optimize productivity, and increase retail and business volumes. Today, corporations are rushing to develop customized solutions that scale their operations to the max, with a fraction of the cost compared to traditional means.

In this article, we conduct a detailed overview, tackling the short- and long-term benefits of investing in customized and dedicated software solutions and web portals by real estate agencies across Europe.

Understanding the evolving market

With the high volume of new ventures and the rise in an entrepreneurial culture, it is becoming harder and more difficult for customers to tell apart one company from the other. Convenient tools that can help compare the efficacy of one business over the other are rare. This creates a challenge for most companies
when it comes to reaching out to potential clients and maintaining their market base.

To counter this scenario, companies are now investing in customized software solutions that help potential clients discover and explore their agencies’ capabilities and differentiating services.

This has become a critical leveraging tool across the modern business landscape that provides an essential competitive edge to corporations that have the foresight to invest in an adequate software solution before their contestants overtake them.

Leveraging new technologies for growth

Modern digital technologies provide the capability to streamline operations and conduct more efficient business while facilitating client discovery. This is achieved by combining sleek and engaging user interfaces that catch potential clients’ attention while allowing them to explore the services they desire conveniently.

Emphasis is laid on defining features and differentiating services that help potential clients evaluate the business before investing their time and money.

A dedicated software platform or web portal can help real estate agencies bring their unique offering to light right away and bring in more sustained business from the very beginning.

Reaching out to clients

Gone are the days when real estate brokers would decorate city benches with their contact details in the hopes of attracting a passerby for business.

All modern and evolving corporations now rely on the much more effective and broadened medium of digital marketing through their proprietary web platforms to engage clients without having to spend massive amounts of capital on ineffective traditional marketing strategies.

By utilizing a dedicated software platform for your real estate agency, companies can define their target population and create campaigns that directly speak out to the potential client base, helping to drive engagement, growth, and profits.

A success story

Six years ago, the web development team at Oakfusion began its partnership with ImmobilienScout24, the real estate wing of a dynamic corporation.

The company provided a defined set of challenges that they wished to counter by investing in a dedicated, customized software web portal for their property listings.

Building from scratch, our team of developers helped the company meet its goals through a complex web architecture that provided support for both web and mobile while integrating features such as user profile management, credit verification, and financial authentication.

The company witnessed an immediate rise in engagement. The portal gradually grew to become the lead resource for property listings across Germany, catering to more than 10 million visitors per month on average.

Oakfusion's professional software development skills, their deep understanding for business driven requirements and their proactive working style have been an important success factor for the launch of our new product within given time frame and budget.

Patrick Gerstenecker

Senior Product Manager,

What do the experts say?

The total value of investments in commercial real estate across Germany during the first quarter of 2019 stood at 6.4 bn EUR. According to an article published by Forbes, digital transformation has become the determining factor for an organization’s success, irrelevant to its size.

According to David Carmel, CEO or DealRockit, “A new era of inclusion, collaboration and innovation is about to begin, and online platforms will help lead the charge.” [SOURCE]

Retail and commerce worldwide have witnessed a shift in favor of online portal and solutions, with 14.1% of all retail and sales being conducted through e-solutions.

As global markets adopt and integrate digital technologies exponentially, the risk of losing out and falling behind is more real than ever!

Developing an MVP

For real estate agencies looking to further their reach across the market and define a comfortable and stable niche for their operations, investing in a minimum viable product (or MVP) that projects their capabilities through online channels is the least that should be done at all costs.

By investing a small amount to develop a customized web portal for their company, real estate agencies can determine the immediate benefits of their digital transformation investment and evaluate the aspects that can be better pursued for more significant growth and agile expansion.

At Oakfusion, we help our clients determine clear and well-defined goals while providing them with scalable and flexible solutions to help expand their operations through a convenient technological stack that can be sustained and optimized for the long-term success of any venture.

Too late to the party?

Businesses that defer their digital transformation and development of web technologies risk losing the chance to ensure significant market penetration. By withholding your acceptance of modern digital technologies, you leave a gap
that competitors can quickly exploit and gain considerable advantages.

To cement your grasp and purchase in the market, your real estate agency must begin developing a robust and comprehensive digital presence that can effectively communicate with potential clients and allow venues for more significant collaboration across the board.

It is predicted that 95% of all sales will be conducted via online channels by the year 2040, according to this report.

Would you risk sacrificing the future of your business just because you were too late to the party?


Roy T. Bennett, a famous author, said, “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Growth and transformation are always brought about by positive change that brings light to the strengths of any endeavor and helps create effective strategies for countering our weaknesses.

By investing in a custom-designed, dedicated software, and web solution for your business, you can bring a positive change that can very well decide the future of all your efforts.

Do not leave the growth of your business to chance. Take control of your trajectory and invest in a sustainable web solution today!

Contact our representatives and determine what we can do to help your real estate agency become a success story of magnificent proportions.

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