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Our software brings digitalization to the industry. Using Industry 4.0 technologies enables us to create systems that optimize workflows, manages big amounts of data and give systems new dimension of efficiency. Our offer is directed to the manufacturers, magazines, logistic centers – everyone that proceeds great amount of goods and data that can be automated. We have created software systems using IoT and Cloud, done integrations with SAP and other enterprise applications and many more.

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Industry 4.0

Introducing cutting-edge technologies and software solutions to big companies. Industry 4.0 is all about independent machines working together and improving processes.


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Smart Devices

Using smart devices to measure sport activities, air pollution, in gamification and wherever it is applicable – check out our work – click4fit and jumpilot.

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Digital Business

Digitalizing business means imporving customers experience and making work easier and more efficient. We will show you how to do it.

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What we do

Cloud - Digitalize customer experience

Make buying process easier by providing customers with 3D visualistaions .

System Integration - Cloud and Big Data

Gather huge amounts of data in order to analyze them in cloud and improve the processes. If something is measurable, it can be improved.

Big Data - Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to optimize your processes in order to achieve maxium efficiency.

Software - Automate

Automate industrial workflow to safe time and speed up the production. We use technologies of industry 4.0 to connect machines together using IoT.

We turn words into code

Air Quality App

It all started with the idea of measuring the air pollution in Wroclaw. Since we already had an experience in IoT from previous projects, the challenge was to choose appropriate hardware and decide what exactly should be measured. That’s how we came up with our own device and simple but efficient architecture.

The measuring device sends data to the server via MQTT Broker. Server sends data to the database in order to save and store it, and the same data is taken from the server to be displayed on the web in real-time. Data can be also displayed on the integrated mobile application.

Air Quality App

Build your MVP in 30 days with us!

Build your Minimum Viable Product with us. Software Development Life Cycle means going through these 6 steps few times during whole development process, what allows Continous Integration and Continuous Development and results in creating scalable and well designed products. We have succesfully used that strategy for years and constantly deliver our projects on time.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Testing and integration

Step 5


Step 6

They trusted us

Oakfusion’s professional software development skills, their deep understanding for business driven requirements and their proactive working style have been an important success factor for the launch of our new product within given time frame and budget.

Patrick Gerstenecker, Senior Product Manager

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