{Talents Forge}

Talents Forge was created to introduce young programmers into the IT world and test them against challenges that professional face every day.

It’s not just an ordinary programming course, but a place where future developers work on a real IT projects.

Join the Oakfusion Talents Forge

By participating in Talents Forge you:

  • get free programming knowledge,
  • gain real experience,
  • improve soft skills,
  • become a better team player,
  • will understand the IT language better.

In each project you will be working in agile methodology and using tools like  Java, Java Spring and Boot, React/Angular and DevOps.

We share knowledge

How long does the course take?

We estimate that it takes about six months for the programmer to be able to independently work in IT, although some of the students are ready for it in just a few weeks.

How does the recruitment process look?

The interview is just a friendly talk that evaluates candidate’s programming experience and soft skills.

How big is the team?

We work in the teams not bigger than 6 people, chaired by our code architect and product owner. Our experience shows, that it’s the most accurate number for keeping good working speed and proper communication.

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