How to start a Startup Virtual Conference

15 July 2020  6PM CEST

Virtual conference for startup founders. 

The How To Start a Startup conference is an event for all startup founders that want to create scalable business in the worldwide market. The discussion will be focused primaly on establishing relationship with VC and Angel investor, designing the product and choosing the right technologies for the development process. It’s an free event and everyone interested in getting more knowledge about building a startup is welcome.




Borys Musielak
Dr András Rung
Wojciech Zaborowski



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What really matters?

Relationship with investor

Borys will share his knowledge in terms of creating relationship with investor and getting founding at the best terms. It’s a vital step for everyone that wants to get founding without giving out 50% of your shares.

Designing product

Andras is the CEO of one of the most successful UX/UI design studios in the EU. He will tell you why it’s so important to design your product and how to make people fall in love with it. You will learn about UX design and why it’s so important though still.

Best technologies

Did you know that choosing most accurate technologies and workflow for your product can result in creating it 3-5 times faster and saving thousands of euros? What’s more, well developed projekt means it’s easily scalable and changable, so you fit it better to your customers.
Experienced CTO Wojciech will tell you all he knows about technologies so you choose what’s best for your business.

Meet our speakers

Borys Musielak

Founding Partner at SMOK VC

Borys will share his knowledge in terms of creating relationships with investors. He is involved in creating thriving European businesses, co-founder of ReaktorX – accelerator for first-time founders – and the biggest tech tank, Startup Poland

Dr András Rung

CEO of Ergomania UX-UI design studio

Founder and CEO of UX-UI design studio Ergomania that specializes in designing FinTech products. UX mentor of Startup Live Global – initiative helping startups in Austria and Hungary.

Wojciech Zaborowski

CTO at Oakfusion Software House

Team leader of dozens of Startup projects. Went all the way from Java developer to the code architect that was leading projects all over the world. Passionate about best Agile practices, clean code and technologies.

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