Our services include designing and integrating systems, automating product implementation, optimizing the software development cycle and implementing monitoring in order to achieve the best performance and security.

Complex services


Experience says, that one hour of planning more means one day of working less, and we don’t like wasting time. Our DevOps services cover the whole development process, from the ideation to the monitoring of a running application.


Using tools provided by AWS, Atlassian and Jenkins allows us to efficiently pursue Continuous Integration strategies and automate our work. Thanks to them, we are also able to track and immediately patch any bugs in the software and quickly deliver a working version of the product.


Years of working in the IT showed us the best practices of programming and we implement them in the projects we take over. Such practises are for example migration to the cloud and using CI tools.


We don’t just deliver the app and let it go. When it’s already finished and running commercially, we still keep watch over it and test it daily. It prevents unwanted  breakdowns and allows for easy implementation of new features.


Technologies we use in DevOps

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Digital Ocean
  • Jenkins
  • Cloud Native
  • Git
  • Team City
  • Kubernetes

We have your future code

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