Godzinna is software for keeping the hours log in order. It is an web application dedicated for software companies with a user-friendly interface. In Godzinna, workflow is simple. You choose the name of your project and when record how many hours daily you’ve spent on it. 

Done? That’s it, your hours are logged.


Creating a platform for recording hours that would be convenient in use for programmers. The administrator should be able to easily see developers logs and pay them accordingly. The advantage of Godzinna is that it’s fast and easy in use. In Oakfusion we simply love it.


We have created web application and put the effort on simplicity. In Godzinna, user can:

  • Login using email

  • Choose Task/Project Code

  • Record how many hours have he done

Submission is done automatically.

The administrator can see hour logs for each user and download report in order with detailed information.


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