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Digital platform for contract management

Application for creating and storing legal documents, where key features were the safety and efficiency.

Allows to create, sign and store all your legal documents on a single digital platform to increase transparency and security in your organization.

Oakfusion provided staff augmentation in order for a contract management company to scale their team and satisfy the demand for new features.

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Build your Minimum Viable Product with us. Software Development Life Cycle means going through these 6 steps few times during whole development process, what allows Continous Integration and Continuous Development and results in creating scalable and well designed products. We have succesfully used that strategy for years and constantly deliver our projects on time.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Testing and integration

Step 6


They trusted us

  • Oakfusion’s teamwork contributed to the client’s increase in sales since their collaboration. They were effective in adjusting to the client’s workflow and seamlessly acted as a member of the team.

    CPO & Founder

    Contract Management Company

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