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We build web and mobile applications from scratch

Successful startup is:

50% your product

We take care of this part and provide you with the software you need. Curious how we do it? Let’s have a call and create workflow for your product together.

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50% marketing strategy

Efficient traction – plan your strategy well and get clients even before your project is finished. Check out our blog to see how it can be achieved.

Tailored software development

We will help you in planning your product and our project team will estimate it for free!

Build your MVP in 30 days!

Build your Minimum Viable Product with us. Software Development Life Cycle means going through these 6 steps few times during whole development process, what allows Continous Integration and Continuous Development and results in creating scalable and well designed products. We have succesfully used that strategy for years and constantly deliver our projects on time.

They trusted us




Oakfusion’s team and solutions were excellent

Nicolas Cheron – Head of Marketing, ImmobilienScout24

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