{Team Leasing}

We offer team leasing services. This type of cooperation grants access to all our best programmers with different skills and competences. Leasing a team from Oakfusion means kick-starting your project and saving lots of money and time that would be otherwise spent on recruiting new developers.

Bet on our well-knit team


We have worked with real estate, insurance, FinTech companies as well as with startups and the EU commission.


As an elastic Software House, we provide scrum teams on-site and remotely.

Smart Team

Our teams consist of well-knit professionals that are ready to immediately start the project.

Solid support for your business

Do you want to implement an idea that will improve the quality of your services but you are not sure how to do it?

You need the support of competent developers.

A typical programming team consists of 8 people (3 senior developers + 5 mid developers).

See below why more and more companies use team leasing services.

Independent recruitment process

  • Expensive
    • Cost of recruiting one senior developer 6 000 – 10 000 €. Cost of recruiting one mid developer 5 000 – 7 000 €. Costs estimated according to remuneration market rate of recruitment companies
  • Laborious
    • The necessity of integrating the team
  • Time-consuming
    • Recruitment time is at least 1 month of the quit notice
  • Lack of flexibility
    • Adding a new team member demands a new recruitment process

Team Leasing

  • Economical
    • No recruitment costs
  • Quick
    • Starting the project with an already integrated team
  • Flexible
    • Easy team scaling

We have you future code

Don’t waste time on long recruitment processes. Hit us up.