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software solutions

Robust software for business.
We provide companies with innovative software solutions.


Software development

 Our software development department translates business processes into machine languages following the Domain Driven Design principles

Team leasing

Don’t waste your time on searching and recruiting new developers. Bet on our well-knit team with years of experience in the field.


We offer complex services in the field of Development and Operations, popularly called DevOps.

Talents forge

It’s not just an ordinary programming course. Talents forge is a place where future developers work on real IT project.


We have experience in working on projects from multiple branches

We work with real estate, insurance, FinTech companies as well as with startups and EU commission.

Talents Forge

We share knowledge about software development

Talents forge was created to introduce young programmers into the IT world and test them against real challenges that developers face every day.

How to start a Startup Virtual Conference


{ 2020 Startup Conference } Virtual conference for startup founders. 15 July 2020 6PM CEST. Register now About the event Start your Startup The How To Start a Startup conference is an event for all startup founders that want to create scalable…

We have your future code

Start planning your project with us.