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Web App Development

Scale up your business and fulfill client’s needs with top-notch business software solutions.

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Solutions for Startups

We create dedicated software for startups and deliver startup product’s within 30 days.

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Digital transformation

Thinking about optimizing your business with cutting edge technologies? Look no further.

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Team Leasing

Rent best of our specialists to aid your team with development work.

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Development technology

We live and breathe Java Fullstack Development but we don’t limit ourselves just to Spring Framework, Angular and React.  Below all tech stack we are proficient in:

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Immobilen Scout24

ImmobilienScout24 (IS24) is part of the business that is responsible for property services. It is the biggest estate portal in Germany that offers apartments and houses both for rent and for sale. With more than 10 million visitors per month, ImmobilienScout24 assists by providing a variety of services and innovative products to their clients and helps users find their dream home.

We had started and built this application from scratch, successfully implementing all functions.



Keeping up with the training schedule during COVID-19 hasn’t been the easiest task. Gyms were locked, traningi with other people was forbidden and the only way was to work out alone at home with no guidance. That is how Click4Fit has risen.

We have managed to create a platform that customers can easily navigate through and find what they are looking for. In this case, this is an easy logging option with google and facebook account and simple but efficient interface with calendar, trening options and payments systems.


Godzinna is software for keeping the hours log in order. It is an web application dedicated for software companies with a user-friendly interface.
In Godzinna, workflow is simple. You choose the name of your project and when record how many hours daily you’ve spent on it. 

Done? That’s it, your hours are logged.


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