Personal Branding at Software House


Building the employer's image through effective Personal Branding at Software House There are many tools for building the company's image. They are divided into those designed to foster the creation of a positive image inside and outside the organization. External…

Biggest Challenges for Startups


Biggest Challenges for Startups The issues that startups face in the initial stage of creation can vary at different levels. The truth is that these problems can range from the most difficult to the smallest tasks. It also depends on…

6 Expert Tips on Launching a Startup






6 Expert Tips on Launching a Startup Regardless of whether you are planning to start the very first company in your life, or if you want to try your hand at yet another project, it never hurts to hear what…

How to develop a successful startup marketing strategy




Creating successful marketing strategy for startup - part one “Getting Traction” Leading a startup company means dealing with lots of challenges. At the beginning, it’s getting funds and to get funds, you got to have a traction - and that’s…

How to start a Startup Virtual Conference


{ 2020 Startup Conference } Virtual conference for startup founders. 15 July 2020 6PM CEST. Register now About the event Start your Startup The How To Start a Startup conference is an event for all startup founders that want to create scalable…

Legacy code and what next?




Legacy code and what next? "If a competent programmer, usually a stable, trusted senior, finds that he would prefer to move to another project or go home - know that something is going on. Apparently, debt has been incurred in the…

What is Oakfusion Talents Forge?


What is Oakfusion Talents Forge? The idea behind Talents Forge was to provide young programmers with a starting point, from which they can progress to the professional IT world, and at the same time experience an interesting adventure. However, this…
Team Leasing Oakfusion Blog

Team Leasing


Team leasing of programmers - when and why should you focus on this form of cooperation? What is team leasing, for which companies is it the most advantageous solution and what to payspecial attention to when choosing such a model…

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