The advantages of APIs

Knowledge, Technologies

Every day, online applications gather and process huge chunks of data. The data is available thanks to the use of application programming interface (API). Read the article and get to know the world of APIs. You’ll also get a grasp of its most important benefits. Let’s start by describing the term in a technical and non-technical ...

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What is a smart city?

Knowledge, Technologies

Have you heard of the term smart city? For some people, it might sound like another fancy buzzword. But, in reality, many cities across different continents are becoming smarter and employ technology to develop. Read the article and learn: what technologies back up smart cities what a smart city is who benefits from smart ...

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7 Main Challenges of Industry 4.0

Knowledge, Technologies

What is Industry 4.0? In fact, it’s nothing but an industrial revolution we’re having a chance to witness today. Although it brings lots of opportunities for a number of companies worldwide, challenges and threats are simply inevitable. Let’s take a look at the major risks of implementing Industry 4.0 and tips on how to face ...

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Industry 4.0 – a new, intelligent work environment

Business, Technologies

The digital industry is constantly facing new demanding tasks. Although technology is simply skyrocketing, improving efficiency and accelerating production speed without increasing costs are still big challenges for many companies. This is why more advanced solutions and technological novelties are still more than welcome, and many organizations decide to start using the most modern technologies ...

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How to Build a Successful Software Development Team

Business, HR, Knowledge

Building a great software development team is much more thank just finding good developers. There are a number of factors that need to be considered, including project type, necessary skills, human personalities and ability to ensure the right communication. To make sure that your future employees will be efficient and capable of completing your projects ...

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7 Steps of an Efficient Software Development Process

Business, Knowledge, Technologies

Nowadays there are a number of companies and investors who are planning to work with a software house. But how does such cooperation look like, from the idea to the final product? In fact, software development is a complex but a precisely organized process. We hope that this article will clarify it well and leave ...

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