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Rapid Development In Practice

The goal of Rapid Development is to build a product prototype that can be presented to a given target group and then confronted with market expectations with the lowest possible effort and as quickly as possible. In the philosophy of Rapid Development itself, we can find many references to the Lean Startup Method known from […]
test your assumptions

Test your assumptions. Prototyping best practices.

How to test your assumptions and build great products? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgLfESPbuVY Prototyping best practices – Thomas de Souza and Paulina Barlik Start with a problem, not a fantasy There are a few steps that have to be repeatedly taken in order to make the product successful – these are doing research, creating Proof of Concept, testing […]
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Software house – when is it worth using its services?

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine running a business without supporting it with IT solutions. Regardless of whether the company is a start-up, a small or a large enterprise – the need to implement appropriate software will certainly appear fairly quickly. Is it worth commissioning a software house to design it? What does such cooperation […]
meetup summary

Meetup Summary. Leadership in a startup – best practices and advice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1RzH5vk_O4 Our guest at the last meetup was Jarek Owczarek, founder and the CPO of ContractBook.com that’s currently thriving in Scandinavia with their innovative software to create and sign contracts digitally.   Jarek told us about how to be a leader in a young and evolving startup and how to keep employees motivated in the […]
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Industry 4.0 – a new, intelligent work environment

The industry is constantly faced with new and demanding tasks. Increasing efficiency without increasing costs, work automation, increasing production speed. In response to these requirements, companies decide to introduce technologies in the field of Industry 4.0, which is associated with further costs that are to pay off in a dozen or so years. However, is […]
Organizing Your Workflow For Entrepreneurial Success

Organizing Your Workflow For Entrepreneurial Success

Organizing your workflow for entrepreneurial success Getting a startup or young business venture off the ground can be a challenging task. Many entrepreneurs are left facing hurdles to productivity and efficiency that are already mastered by established corporations and companies. When it comes to fast-tracking your startup’s success, there is nothing more beneficial than creating an […]
Personal Branding at Software House

Personal Branding at Software House

Building the employer’s image through effective Personal Branding at Software House There are many tools for building the company’s image. They are divided into those designed to foster the creation of a positive image inside and outside the organization. External image building aims to obtain the status of a “first choice” company in order to […]
6 Expert Tips on Launching a Startup

6 Expert Tips on Launching a Startup

Regardless of whether you are planning to start the very first company in your life, or if you want to try your hand at yet another project, it never hurts to hear what more experienced entrepreneurs recommend. However, let us say it right off the bat – we are well aware that every startup is […]