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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can be useful not only in education, business software industry and logistics, but also in medical procedures. Surgeons and doctors can easily use this technology when preparing for surgery or when examining patients. More than that augmented reality serves as an immersive library of information that can display any data or multimedia on your camera when activated by some shape, code or other triggers innovative teaching aid . This type of software helps young students see what they can read about - shapes, numbers, letters and even more complex objects such as planets, animals, types of land objects or the sky (clouds, stars) marketing opportunities for visually engaging advertisements or campaigns, using 3D models that can be animated. Using rapid development we are able to do this at a low cost Augmented reality has also been introduced into the e-commerce sector , where 3D renderings of products - furniture or clothing - can be placed on the user or inside buildings.

  • Creates unique customer experiences. The biggest IT value of Augmented Reality is that it creates unique digital experiences that blend the best of digital and physical worlds.
  • It eliminates cognitive overload.
  • Heightens user engagement.
  • Competitive differentiation.

Benefits of sensors:

  • Speeding up processes and improving accuracy.
  • Real-time collection of process and asset data.
  • Accurate, reliable and continuous monitoring of processes and assets.
  • Increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Lower energy losses

Sensors based solutions

Speeding up processes and improving accuracy.Real-time collection of process and asset dataAccurate, reliable and continuous monitoring of processes and assets

Ready-to-use, high-precision sensor solutions that enable simple and effortless user interaction with all types of smart devices Relies on transforming several complex technical processes into one simple solution. To achieve this, different sensors complement each other to acquire and process situational data . This contextual awareness allows things to eventually detect and understand their surroundings and respond to human gestures and voice commands like never before. On the one hand, this paves the way for a more natural experience for users, and on the other, for more efficient processes for the industry. In the future, Infineon will not just be a single supplier of sensor chips, but also a solution provider. Thinking about solutions and systems, we combine sensors, power, controller and connectivity together with dedicated software.