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Beer industry solutions

Automation in beer pubs

A self-service beer bar gives the customer the opportunity and an unforgettable experience to pour their own beer and decide how much foam they want - at any time. Sales can be tracked for each person at the table, regardless of how many guests share the table. What's more, each customer can be connected to a friend sitting in the same or another in a different city or country, and you can send a friend a message or pay for their beer. Customers are amazed at how it all works. It's a low-cost network.

Monitoring IT technology for beer industry

Beer Control System is a keg beer flow measurement system for the hospitality industry. It monitors unaccounted pours and transfers, tracking every ounce of beer from the keg poured by staff with each tap. a comprehensive solution for bars and restaurants that eliminates the average loss from 23% to 1% for most of our customers. the system helps reduce staff costs because customers can use the system to serve their own beers and pay for each ounce poured.

Sensors for beer industry

DO sensors for beer production help manage dissolved oxygen levels with trace ppb measurements suitable for the bottling line. Optical DO sensors provide exceptional measurement performance and reliable measurements to ensure final products meet your quality standards for taste. Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) sensor technology offers predictive diagnostics to reduce maintenance and simplify calibration. We develop process sensor technology that perfectly serves breweries both technically and commercially. Our sensors meet the requirements of potentially explosive applications in silos, hot brewhouse environments, hygienic requirements and cold in cellars, are fast and vibration present in filling and packaging facilities. Designed to handle it all, the sensor's performance is not affected by such environmental conditions. Contact us, and together we will work on the optimal solution for your challenge. With level sensors and temperature indicators. Accurate sensors will not only enable perfect brews as a result, but also automate the process for mini-breweries, thus reducing overhead costs while increasing production levels.

Beer management and business software

ERP software helps build a business through best practices, integration, automation, optimization and analysis It is designed to streamline daily operations and capture information as you run your business, managing every aspect of the batch process from start to finish. It seamlessly transitions from purchasing and inventory, to production, invoicing, receiving cash, paying bills and increasing value by IT.