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The use of technology in startups has become increasingly important in recent years, as businesses strive to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. One key area where technology can make a difference is in the development of business software. By utilizing cutting-edge IT solutions, startups can streamline processes, automate manual tasks, and drive efficiency and productivity.

The rapid development of IT technology has also allowed startups to harness the power of data and leverage it to make informed decisions. With the right tools, startups can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and the performance of their operations. This in turn can help them identify new opportunities, improve processes, and optimize their resources.

The value of technology in startups cannot be overstated. By investing in IT solutions, startups can optimize their operations, improve the customer experience, and increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. Whether it's through the implementation of domain-driven design, event sourcing, or other innovative technologies, startups can harness the power of technology to achieve their goals and drive success.

Free of charge consultations for startup founders

Startup consultants help your startup in various ways. About 90% of startup companies fail, mainly due to insufficient knowledge of business ownership and poor financial planning. To make your startup company one of the 10%, consider hiring a startup consultant or startup advisor to make sure your company gets off to a good start.

MVP creation

Why starptups should start with an MVP? A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product that contains the most important and necessary features. It is a working software that has only the key functionalities from the user's point of view. You can test such a product right away, present it to investors or give it to potential customers for testing. This allows you to verify quickly and without unnecessary expense whether the digital product you are creating has market potential. saving money realization of your idea

Tech boost team augmentation

It's worth it to implement a team in outsourced mode in sturtups Staff augmentation is a flexible IT outsourcing structure that gives you the privilege of hiring technology talent around the world and managing them directly. From a number of individuals in a global talent pool, you decide which candidates fit your requirements, and you can reduce or expand your augmented team as needed.

Full product development

Product development is the complete process of delivering new software or enhancing existing software for customers. Customers can be external or internal to the company. if you have your idea and want to implement it, it is worth using a company that already has development teams and the right competencies. One stop shop.

Technical audit

A technical audit is an audit conducted by an auditor, engineer or subject matter expert assessing deficiencies or areas of improvement in a process, system or proposal. A technical audit covers the technical aspects of a project being implemented in an organization. For this, the auditor should have a deep knowledge of development, design and security standards and the latest algorithm updates. When developing your startup, you are often unsure about the quality of the product. An external audit should be done.

UI design

UI Design is a field of design that deals with interfaces. What is an interface - it is such a link between man and machine. And it's not just the screen of a monitor or mobile device, but also the knobs of a washing machine, the buttons on a refrigerator or the dashboard of a car. Nevertheless, the most sought-after designers are those who design digital interfaces

UX audit

This process allows companies to identify usability problems and their solutions. Its goal is to locate areas in the user journey that cause unnecessary friction. This is especially important for startups, as they are generally blazing new trails. For their innovative products to enjoy wider acceptance, they need to be usable and intuitive. Essentially, such reviews are necessary to answer seemingly basic but crucial questions. A UX review also addresses a number of smaller, more focused issues. The good thing is that you can ask the audit team to pay special attention to specific parts of your product. As a result, it provides in-depth insights into small but important details that can help improve your product.

AI integrations for startups

Artificial intelligence is a marvel of modern science that has enabled many previously unimagined possibilities. Thanks to AI, many things in the industry have become more efficient and productive. Speaking of AI's role in business software, it has wide application in the commercial world. AI affects every business activity in various industries, from the ordinary to the spectacular. Artificial intelligence technologies are gradually becoming more important for companies that are looking for ways to maintain a competitive edge, as they are widely available. Often there is a need to implement AI in sturp products. It's worth outsourcing to a third-party company if you don't need to create a team from scratch.