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QT interfaces in automotive

Qt Automotive Suite is a collection of software components and tools that enable the development of In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems. Built on top of Qt's offering for device development , Qt Automotive Suite includes a built-in development environment with additional tools for user interface rapid development, as well as application introspection and debugging With Qt, the user experience inside the car will always be of the highest quality and low cost. Optimize every aspect of your digital cockpit, from more responsive HMIs to smoother UI animations, faster startup times and more value!

  • One set of tools for all screens and applications
  • Seamless connectivity across the cockpit
  • Scalable systems from microcontrollers to high-end hardware.
  • Future-proof solutions to meet your requirements now and in the future

Could native in automotive

Implementing cloud native technologies is essential in the automotive industry - software is the key to building a competitive advantage . The faster your company can develop new applications and their features, the better the chances of winning customers. If you decide to do this smoothly, efficiently and securely, start by learning about platforms that provide a complete native software stack for the cloud and skip the time-consuming process of learning everything yourself. What makes cloud native platforms so valuable and helpful is the dedicated support provided by the teams behind them. Advanced cloud, communications and networking technologies transform the car into a fully connected device - forever changing the way you interact with customers and work with partners and suppliers. With the right security infrastructure in place, the car - like any connected device - is ready to host all kinds of applications for drivers and passengers and for the vehicle systems themselves.