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The impact of employee benefits on the quality of work

The benefits provided by the employer in the form of additional money for employees are just one of a few persuasive elements that motivate a team to do their job in the best possible way. Let us remember, however, that workers' benefits are not just money, because there are many factors that can make a positive contribution to improving the working conditions of a person or a group of people. What are the most popular benefits and why should they be provided? This is what this article is about!

Types of employee benefits Below are some of the most popular types of employee benefits that will certainly improve the quality of work for every business.

Cash bonus - this type of beneficiary may be granted at any time during the year. This behavior allows employers to be more flexible in granting it. Most companies support the practice that leaving a bonus decision to employers has led to an improvement in morale, because it seems to be a better reward for good work than monetary compensation. A cash premium may be granted for the performance of a particular task or for a major event. The benefits of the holiday bonus are not limited to the holiday season alone. Employers often combine these bonuses with performance ratings and increase basic wage rates based on the percentage of the bonus they received earlier. Bonuses also act as an incentive for employees who often work harder when they know that a cash prize is waiting for them at the end of the year. Unfortunately, cash bonuses are sometimes seen as less valuable than benefits of a more tangible nature, such as gift cards or paid time off. However, other employees claim that cash bonuses should be seen as as valuable as the paid spare time that accompanies them.

Chillout room - chillout rooms provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for workers to sit down. As they provide an additional room for resting or meetings, not only the workers can use them, but the managers as well. There is no doubt that a place where everyone can forget about their responsibilities for a moment is a great idea which allows people to balance hard work and rest.

Integration trips - trips for employees or employees and their families can be a great way for companies to show recognition. These trips allow employers to spend time with and better understand their employees, as well as provide employees and their families with vacation time. Integration trips are a great time to go hiking, forget about work, get to know one another from a more emotional and human side. A joint trip to the mountains or paintball game can even improve the entire team's chemistry. Thus, it's no surprise that many employers offer this kind of solution for their business.

Company parties – a christmas event, or one resulting from other circumstances, will help relax the entire IT team. At such a time, there is no time for deadlines, statistics, complaints or finances. An employee event is a time to relax, have fun and get to know the whole team better. Implementing it into your company’s benefits package is definitely worth it!

Benefits at Oakfusion Our company consists of several dozen people. Each of our employees is treated uniquely. For this reason, we know which benefits have the best effect on our team. Joining our company and then working at IT is a time full of challenges and responsibilities. For this reason, the benefits in IT should be determined in such a way that our employees really feel the profits resulting from them. Oakfusion offers the following additional employee incentive schemes:

  • integration trips

  • organization of holiday events and accommodations for remote workers

  • christmas gifts

  • free meals

  • free drinks

  • gym memberships

  • free snacks

  • relaxation area

  • the ability to work remotely

  • gift cards

  • language courses and many more!

Benefits help workers to relax, gain new experience and knowledge, or improve their material situation. For this reason, it is very important that they function in any major company. Oakfusion has a range of these solutions, making working at our company a pleasure, not a duty. Want to see how we work and how we play afterwards? Visit our website and use the contact form to submit your CV. Join us!