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Advantage of working in small company in times of home office

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies have switched to working from home. Many employees have seen a slowdown in IT activity, which often resulted in a decrease in employment. Working from home was the greatest concern, as it did not guarantee business continuity and productivity.

Work life balance at Oakfusion Work life balance is a term describing a state in which professional life achieves a healthy balance with personal life. Work-related stress can be overcome by: - Changing work requirements, - prioritizing competing roles and responsibilities, - developing supportive relationships with colleagues and supervisors, - maintaining a healthy lifestyle, applying immune strategies to combat stress-related factors at work, - drawing conclusions from past experiences or errors and using organizational policies, procedures and practices. At Oakfusion, we ensure that every employee (regardless of his or her function) involved in IT projects is in good contact with other people. We develop relationships in our groups, work is not stressful, but task-based and creative. Oakfusion is a company that creates a kind of IT family, whose members support each other, understand their responsibilities and learn from their mistakes, as well as those of their colleagues. This approach ensures that everyone will develop many skills at our company.

Wellbeing at Oakfusion Wellbeing indicates that HR is responsible for the well-being of employees. Our HR professionals make sure that the company is a great place to work for employees, from enrichment and pleasant experience, to ensuring fair treatment and good management skills. This not only benefits both sides, but also leads to fewer absences due to illness, as we avoid all stressors. At the moment, many employees in different companies suffer from stress, especially those with junior positions. Stress is known to cause health complications, including decreased immunity, fatigue, high blood pressure and many others. We don't have that! Submit your CV at our company and let us get to know you. We are happy to help you make the most of your knowledge!

Working at Oakfusion IT is a sector where we value precision, timeliness and professionalism. Because our company consists of several dozen experienced and supportive people, we are confident that Oakfusion will meet the expectations of any person who can contribute to it! In addition, the intimate atmosphere and the small team create an almost family-like climate that positively influences the mood at work! What are we offering in addition to an attractive salary and the opportunity to gain expertise from specialists? We ensure you won’t be bored with us because we take care of the employee's entertainment and have introduced the following solutions: - company runs

  • bicycle rallies

  • mountain hikes

  • video game corner

  • group hang outs at soccer matches

  • free dinners

  • ping pong

  • gym - table football

All of this makes us a particularly good team in which everyone supports each other and can vouch for them. It can be said that Oakfusion is synonymous with the word “family”. :)

Our employees Based on conversations with our employees and the experience gained in the corporate world, we have decided to create an image that will show why it is better to work in a smaller company, rather than in a corporate environment. This is important because we should be able to visualize how we work with our company based on our technology, experience, professionalism, and the real work atmosphere that is unique when compared to the "cold" world of corporations.

By analyzing the actions taken by our brand, we can point out that employees see many advantages that can be identified with Oakfusion. Below is a comparison between working in our office compared to large corporations.

The advantages of working at Oakfusion over working for corporations Based on discussions with employees, we have determined the advantages and disadvantages that may determine how we can work together. We know, however, that there are no perfect solutions, but we are implementing concepts that improve and strengthen our almost “family” bond on an ongoing basis. The benefits of working at our company include:

  • friendly working environment, option to work from home and flexible working hours, - good bonus system,

  • appropriate treatment by supervisors,

  • well-organized team, - mutual support and improvement, - training programs, - access to IT equipment (i.e. good laptop, headphones, 2 monitors), docking stations, - comfortable chairs, - a personal approach to each individual and project,

  • low fluctuation,

  • interesting presentations which raise qualifications,

  • regular and reliable salary payments for the work you did.

Let us compare this with working for a corporation, where a man is treated as a statistical element. The following elements are dominant in corporations:

  • settlements are given for particular sprints depending on the work load – lack of financial stability,

  • changes regarding a task already in progress,

  • managers stressful approach to subordinates,

  • the establishment and enforcement of excessive statistics,

  • too little training,

  • there is no individual approach to each employee,

  • competition between employees,

  • high employee fluctuation.

We are pleased that a small and friendly company like Oakfusion can offer solutions that make every employee feel respected, valued and their potential fully utilized.

Our employees also told the HR team what solutions should be implemented to improve the quality of their work. We are therefore currently analyzing the concepts aimed at establishing language training, purchasing newer IT equipment, increasing IT training, and raising the number of team building parties. We guarantee that the latter will be done immediately as soon as the pandemic situation calms down :)

We invite any person who is not afraid of new challenges and wants to join an experienced team to contact and join us. A friendly, family-like atmosphere, mutual support for projects, financial security and, on the other hand, spontaneity, creativity and an adventure that not everyone has the courage to take part in. Oakfusion will give you a wide range of emotions!